SCUBAPRO Regulators

We sell the entire range of Scubapro regulators .You can purchase a full set; including first stage, second stage and gauges; or just purchase components individually from us. Below is a selection of what is available.


FREE OCTOPUS 300x250 new



When you purchase a S600 or G260 combination you will receive an octopus
for free!
This offer is valid from 1st April until the 1st July

MK25/A700 SYSTEM €650

The MK25 teamed with our exceptional new A700, offers superior ultra-high airflow system for maximum performance in all temperatures and diving conditions.

SCUBAPRO is synonymous with piston-controlled first stages. Our MK25 underscores this heritage with an array of patented features and ultra-stable intermediate pressure, for an extremely punctual and consistent high delivery of air, ensuring unfailing performance.

  • The MK25 balanced piston first stage is our absolute top performer, making this system our very best!
  • Air balanced flow-through piston provides constant and effortless air flow unaffected by changing tank pressure.
  • Newly polished chrome edition, available uniquely with A700 system, with 5 low pressure and 2 high pressure ports plus swiveling turret for convenient arrangement and personalisation of your gear.
  • Anti-freeze protection for all diving temperatures and externally adjustable intermediate pressure for easy maintenance.
  • Available in either 232bar INT or 300bar DIN configuration.


These systems cater to passionate divers who demand flawless performance and total relaxation. The SCUBAPRO S-Series regulators feature air-balanced valve technology providing ultra-high airflow that remains exceptionally stable under all breathing conditions.


Our top performing balanced piston first stage paired with our high performance air balanced second stage; this combination is SCUBAPRO’s ultimate regulator combination. The S600 truly matches the MK25’s characteristics and thanks to its adjustment possibilities, it adapts to all diving conditions and all diver preferences. Ease of breathing is the essence of this system.

  • The MK25 first stage is our absolute top performer and is a superior regulator thanks to its ultra stable intermediate pressure resulting in an extremely punctual and constantly high delivery of air. The means instant air flow at any cylinder pressure and water temperature for a real carefree dive.
  • Married with the air balanced high performance S600 second stage, this system is our top performer.
  • Balanced flow valve provides constant & effortless air flow.
  • Diver adjustable inhalation control enables personal adjustment of breathing effort.
  • Diver adjustable Venturi Initiated Vacuum Assist (VIVA) dive/pre-dive control switch and extra high flow exhaust valve account for easy inhale & exhale.
  • Super-flow hose for smooth air delivery.
  • Precision moulded, lightweight components and anti-freeze materials provide high corrosion resistance and enhance cold water performance.


A powerful all-rounder.

Our top performing balanced piston first stage, paired with our S555 air balanced second stage, is the ideal choice for a diver wanting a high performance yet simple to operate system, remarkably durable and reliable.

S555 is a compact and lightweight air balanced second stage marrying advanced breathing performance with a captivating design. It increases fun and relaxation on every dive because it initiates air flow effortlessly and instantly on demand, independent of the tank pressure. As with all of the X and S series second stages, S555 features a super-flow hose for smooth air delivery.

MK17/A700 'Like a Diamond' €560

Cold water divers or those frequenting harsh environments will appreciate this perfectly matched pair.
The A700 is a complete complement to SCUBAPRO’s MK17, a high-performing balanced diaphragm fi rst stage engineered exactly for such conditions.
Full metal body and components guarantee less risk of freezing and the MK17 is environmentally sealed so water cannot enter the inner mechanism. Given that regulators generate temperatures down to minus 30º due to the incredibly fast moving air and the pressure drop involved, it is imperative that sensitive moving metal parts avoid contact with extremely cold water.

  • Balanced technology provides consistent performance at all tank pressures, at any depth and optimizes the second stage performance, for effortless breathing.
  • Dry ambient pressure chamber provides better protection and performance in cold water than any other diaphragm regulator.
  • Balanced diaphragm design, with ultra-fast flow to the second stage, prevents water entry, enhancing trouble-free operation, even in the coldest or most polluted conditions.
  • Finned cap with ribs acts as a radiator to increase the surface area of heat transfer form the water to warm the internal parts.
  • Available in either 232bar INT or 300bar DIN configuration.

MK17/S600 SYSTEM €465

Premium breathing performance in all conditions. Our ultimate S600 second stage regulator paired with an all-rounder balanced diaphragm MK17 for best breathing, even in harsh environments.

  • Balanced flow valve provides constant and effortless air flow.
  • Diver-adjustable inhalation control enables personalised breathing effort.
  • Diver-adjustable VIVA for powerful inhalation assistance and prevention of free-flow.
  • High-flow exhaust valve for reduced exhalation effort.
  • Super-flow hose for smooth air delivery

MK17 / S555 System €410


These systems combine the air-balanced valve technology of the S-Series second stages with the sturdiness and excellent air flow of our top diaphragm first stage.


The confidence to go. The ease of use of S555 and its durability make it a suitable companion for MK17 designed to perform in harsher environments. A system for any situation in total safety and peace of mind, coupling advanced breathing performance with maximum reliability

MK17/ R395 System €330

MK17 and the R-SERIES

The Indestructible.Top performance and tough diaphragm technology for the first stage coupled with classic downstream valve design for the second stage: this is the essence of safety and reliability. The downstream valve always requires a certain inhalation effort to overcome the spring tension and open the valve, but it is a small price to pay for a simple and sturdy regulator system that can take you through the toughest environments.


R395 allows worry-free air flow diving in all conditions. This classic downstream second stage offers smooth air flow in a lightweight and compact package. Flexibility of use is provided by its diver adjustable VIVA and its left & right hose attachments.

MK11/R395 System €300

MK11 and the R-SERIES

Simple Passion. These systems are all about ease of use and reliability. A balanced diaphragm first stage combined with classic downstream valve second stages in a lightweight package makes it the perfect recreational combination. Compact, light and easy to carry, follows your diving passion anywhere.


This is the perfect choice for the recreational diver who wants the advantage of a diaphragm first stage for use in temperate waters. As with MK17, the diaphragm system prevents entry of water and pollutants whilst its balanced technology allows prompt delivery of air at all tank pressures.

Compact and lightweight, MK11 is the ideal travel companion.

R395 second stage features diver adjustable VIVA for personalised breathing comfort.

MK2 Plus/R295 System €210

Classic downstream piston coupled with classic downstream second stages with modern fresh looks: this means reliability, durability and easy care, the systems of choice for training centres as well as new divers. Diving centres will appreciate R295’s fixed VIVA and left and right hose attachments for total flexibility of use.

MK2PLUS R295 Regulator System

The Workhorse. 'Simple Reliability' best describes this combination offered in a very compact design that remains unmatched in today's market.


R395 Octopus €155 R295 Octopus €119

  • Classic downstream valve for safe and reliable performance due to robust design and low maintenance.
  • 1 metre hose for convenient alternate air source function with yellow hose protector and yellow regulator cover for easy identification
  • Left & right hose attachments for extra flexibility and comfortable positioning, so you can keep it on whatever side feels best. Right hand attachment is supplied as standard but the left hand conversion can be performed by an Authorised SCUBAPRO service technician.
  • Compact size and lightweight materials for comfort and reduced drag during the dive.
  • Orthodontic silicone mouthpiece in smaller size for perfect fit, no gum irritation and less jaw fatigue.
  • R395 & R295 Octopus' match all SCUBAPRO first stages.
  • R395 features diver’s adjustable VIVA for personal breathing comfort and our R295 has fixed VIVA for safe and uncomplicated use.

Air 2 - 4th Generation €149


In 1979 SCUBAPRO created the concept of integrating a second stage regulator and a balanced inflator in the same compact housing and the AIR2 was born.

In 2006 we introduced a restyled fourth generation AIR2 which is streamlined, modern, ergonomic and overall lighter than previous generations.

AIR2 is more than a simple inflator. Its components design takes advantage from the best regulator technology to guarantee maximum efficiency and reliability. As an inflator AIR2 provides perfect pressure control for a great buoyancy management. Ergonomic shape makes it easy-to-handle in any circumstances and it can be emptied by simply pressing the exhaust button


Torches - Dive Lights

D550 Dive Light €105


As winter approaches, the days are getting shorter, but don’t despair! we can go night diving early in the evening.

It is time to think about a good torch! Also daytime diving in the winter demands a good dive light for diving and après dive!

D550 torch

D550 torch




Introducing the D550, a compact powerful torch, ideal for Irish diving conditions by day and night.

Cree XM-L2(U2) LED.

Magnetic controlled tail switch.

2 brightness levels, one strobe mode.

Max output 720 lumens.

Depth rated to 150 metres.

Comes complete with rechargeable battery, charger, plug adapter, wrist lanyard, hand mount, spare o-rings and secure carry case.

Fully loaded

Price €105.

In stock at Scubadive West.

Call +353 (0)95 43922 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to order.

Prices valid in 2016.


Video Lights

D500V Video Light €130

So you’ve got your action camera, maybe it’s a super MUVI camera with waterproof housing rated to 100 metres, maybe it’s another brand, now you want to get high quality footage deeper than 5 metres and the ambient light is not enough.

Introducing the D500V, a compact but powerful 700 lumens video light with 3 output settings, easily managed by push button.

D500V Video light

D500V Video light

Available in stock at Scubadive West €130.

The ideal stocking filler!

Call +353 (0)95 43922 or email us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to order yours now.

Prices valid in 2017.




















 Torch Scubapro Nova 230


 Scubapro Nova 230   €104

A medium sized high intensity LED for incredibly long burn-time: from 14 to 18 hours.

The perfect primary light for recreational diving or as a backup for more technical dives.

  • Rugged aluminum casing, even tougher than it appears.
  • Powered by three user-replaceable C alkaline batteries.









Archon D20   €189

Specification for Model: D20
LED: CREE XM-L T6 (max 1000 lumens)
Colour Temp: 6500k
Three Output Modes: High / Low / Strobe
Runtine: High 100mins , Low 420mins, Strobe 260mins
Reflector: Glossy Aluminium Reflector
Lens: 8mm polycarbonate board
Body Material: Durable aircraft-grade aluminium
Angle of Light Beam: 5.5 degree hot spot, 110 degree preiphery
Surface Treatment: Premium type iii hard-anodixing
Colour: Black/Grey
Batteries Required: CR123 x 4 or 18650 li-ion battery x 2
Battery over-discharging protection polarity reversing protection
Operation voltage: 6V to 10V
Waterproof: 100m underwater
Operating Temperature: -25C to 60C
Impact resistance: 1.5m
Size: 229mm Long x 24.5mm (Diameter of end) - 60mm (|Diameter of head)
Weight: 365gms (without batteries)

Operation instruction: Successive switching on-off within 2 seconds to cycle through high/low/strobe






Archon D22   €229

Specification for Model: D22
LED: CREE XM-L T6 (max 1000 lumens)
Colour Temp: 6500k
Three Output Modes: High / Low / Strobe
Runtine: High 4hrs, Low 7hrss, Strobe 6hrs
Reflector: Glossy Aluminium Reflector
Lens: 8mm polycarbonate board
Body Material: Durable aircraft-grade aluminium
Angle of Light Beam: 5.5 degree hot spot, 110 degree preiphery
Surface Treatment: Premium type iii hard-anodixing
Colour: Black
Batteries Required: 26650 li-ion battery x 2
Battery over-discharging protection polarity reversing protection
Operation voltage: 6V to 10V
Waterproof: 100m underwater
Operating Temperature: -25C to 60C
Impact resistance: 1.5m
Size: 228mm Long x 32mm (Body diameter) - 60mm (|Diameter of head)
Weight: 365gms (without batteries)

Operation instruction: Successive switching on-off within 2 seconds to cycle through high/low/strobe








Scubapro Logo Blue small

2016 Scubapro Wetsuits, Steamers, Semi-Drys

Definition IR7 Steamer. Mens and Ladies available €315


Scubapro Definition IR7 Steamer MENS

6.5mm steamer with BMS (Body Map System)

Infrared Fleece Technology

Ultraspan Flexparts Side and lower back panes with resistant Stretchtech

Double seals on arms / legs with zippers

Diagonal backzip X-FOAM material

Spine Pad

Small neck zipper enhances topside comfort

I-Safe strap Ice vest optional

Available 22 sizes for universal fit

Also available in 5mm and 3mm for warmer water.





Definition 6mm Vest. Mens and Ladies available €145



Scubapro Definition 6mm Vest


6mm thermal protection vest for 7mm and 5mm Definition steamer

X-FOAM formula neoprene

Attached hood







Profile 7mm Steamer + 5mm Hooded Jacket €380


Ladies and Mens suits available.

7mm Steamer (€255)

  • Durable and fast drying N2S neoprene overall
  • Extremely comfortable raw cut collar neckline
  • Microplush interior and zippered double seals at wrists & ankles on 5 mm & 7 mm thicknesses, keeping you warm & dry
  • Multi-flex material on internal section of arms & lower legs in both 5mm & 7mm steamers, for easy donning and doffing and comfort during the dive.
  • Back zipper steamer for good water sealing and great ergonomic look and fit.
  • Abrasive resistant Tatex knee-pads are more elastic and protect longer.

5mm Hooded Jacket (€125)

  • Front-zipper entry restricts water flushing and enables the proven “opposed zipper concept” when combined with a back-zip steamer
  • Bicycle-short leg length minimizes water intrusion and makes it usable alone as a shorty.
  • Available in 5mm thickness with short sleeves and in 7mm thickness as sleeveless. Men’s and women’s dedicated sizes and colours and styles






Everflex Hooded front zip 7/5mm  €469

This new 100% Everflex 7mm hooded steamer is for cold water dives and includes all the great features of the classic Everflex, and more. The shoulder to shoulder front zipper makes it easy to put on and take off without buddy help. The attached hood and face seal provide extraordinary cold water protection. Durable Power Seam Technology strengthens and protects stitching.


Everflex classic 7/5mm steamer, back zip, no hood attached €385 

Last one in stock, Men's size Large.

Our advanced, extra-comfortable EverFlex line has been stylishly redesigned to give you even better fit and freedom.

Many of the same tested features are included, but our EverFlex neoprene steamers are now in a pre-formed dimensional shape so it fits and moves more naturally with your body and delivers unparalleled comfort, stretch and flexibility.

We have also added heliospan lining in the torso area of the steamers, for added protection and insulation. EverFlex provides excellent fit for a wide range of people. If you are tired of the struggle to get into your suit, EverFlex is for you.



Everflex 5mm Hooded Jacket €187

EverFlex neoprene makes this multi-purpose jacket ideal both in combination with EverFlex steamers or alone as a shorty for tropical diving or snorkelling. Available in both with or without hood versions. (without hood €182)



Nova Scotia 6.5mm Semi Dry Wetsuit €499

The best of both worlds is how this suit may be described.

  • 6.5mm nylon neoprene with EverFlex stretch panels under the arms and crotch, behind knees and calves for comfort and fit
  • Plush interior keeps you comfortable and warm
  • Heavy-duty, self-repairing dry zipper across back shoulders keeps water out, avoiding that cold rush often experienced when jumping in
  • 3mm fold over Glideskin neck seal combined with 6mm hood and 3mm face seals protect from water entry
  • Wrist and ankle 3mm double seals in ultra smooth Glideskin neoprene for additional dry protection
  • Tatex knee reinforcements protect the longevity of the suit
  • This suit has become extremely popular with Ireland's divers; and can be worn throughout the year
  • Add Scubapro's Hybrid T or hooded vest for extra warmth during the chilly winter months



 Fourth Element Wetsuits





The Evolution of a Classic Dive Suit


Over the last five years Fourth Element have developed the Proteus suit to improve fit, thermal performance and ease of donning in response to feedback from divers.
The suit is the preferred suit of TV presenters including Discovery Channel’s Steve Backshall. It also appeared last week on the National Geographic Channel program “Hitler’s Secret Attack” featuring NOAA’s Deep Wreck Team.
The suit has received rave reviews from all diving magazines for its outstanding warmth, and through design innovations like the Hydro-lock neck seal system and the plasma seals, the Proteus suit continues to define the upper end of wetsuit performance.


Proteus 3mm
Ideal for use in warmer waters, this lightweight neoprene diving wetsuit offers surprising thermal protection and comfort and is rated as the warmest diving wetsuit in its class by Sport Diver Magazine.


Proteus 5mm
Ideal for use in temperate to warm waters, this versatile dive wetsuit incorporates superstretch neoprene on the arms and legs where mobility is required, and thermocore compression resistant neoprene on the body core panels. The 5mm Proteus offers outstanding thermal protection and comfort with excellent ease of movement.


Proteus 7mm
Ideal for use in temperate to cooler waters, this extreme performance wetsuit can extend your season to encompass winter diving.r your stock today on +353 (0)95 43922  or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




We have scheduled boat dives departing to world class dive sites and shore diving onsite in our private sheltered cove. Our purpose built dive centre has hot showers, male and female changing rooms, coffee dock & viewing area with free Wi-Fi, Air and Nitrox to 300 bar, our extensive rental room includes top of the range neoprene drysuits and thermals, semi-drys, weight integrated BCD's and regulators fitted with dive computers. We are agents for Scubapro, SUUNTO, O'Three, Fourth Element, Analox, Oceanic and many more. We are also an IDEST approved Dive Cylinder Testing House. 

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