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Equipment Servicing

Diving and Snorkelling equipment available in our Dive Shop, We sell DrysuitsRegulators, BCDsWetsuits, Masks, Snorkels and Fins, Dive Computers, Compasses, Cameras, tanks, weights, dive knives, Dive Lights, (Torches) etc..

We are authorised agents for BARE drysuits and O'Three drysuits and offer a free drysuit fitting service.


We are also Authorised agents for Scubapro UWATEC, SUUNTO, Fourth Element, Oceanic, Beaver Sports, Hunter, Hydrotech, Poseidon and Sealife Cameras and Analox gas analysers.

Purchase a Gift Voucher for Christmas

A Scubadive West gift voucher, the perfect gift

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Free Drysuit Fitting Service

Looking to go dry? Drop down to Scubadive West for our unique, customised fitting service.

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Dive Gear Servicing and Scuba Cylinder Testing in Galway

Scubadive West is an authorised service agent for SCUBAPRO scuba diving gear; including regulators and BCDs.

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Suunto EON Steel which combines advanced technology with customizable features
and a display to show clearly what you need. With heavy duty housing, stainless
steel bezel and user update-able software, Suunto EON Steel is the next
generation of dive computer.

Featuring the Suunto BrightSeeTM colour screen, Suunto EON Steel is
crisp, clear and easy to read. The super bright screen and high colour contrast
are perfect for diving in any conditions. A specially selected combination of
display and glass technology minimizes reflections while maximizing viewing

Suunto EON Steel gives you the freedom to customize nearly every aspect of the
interface. Choose either the graphical or classic layout then create your own
personalized dive screens showing what you want.


 Ex-School Scubapro Dive Gear and Equipment Sale

Scubadive West regularly sells its school dive gear, no pieces more than 18 months old and all fully serviced before leaving the dive centre.

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Wild Atlantic Way

Discover Scubadive West, we are on the Wild Atlantic Way!