Equipment Servicing

Dive Equipment Servicing & Scuba Cylinder Testing

Scubadive West is an authorised service agent for SCUBAPRO scuba diving gear; including regulators and BCDs. Our expert gear servicing technicians will ensure precision and efficiency throughout the process. We offer equipment servicing throughout the year, and promise a quick turnaround.                        

Drysuit Servicing Facilities, Drysuit Repairs

We undertake all manner of drysuit repairs here at Scubadive West. From the smallest of jobs, such as a pressure testing your drysuit and repairing a small hole, throught to larger jobs like replacing your boots or drysuit zip, we have years of expertise and we carry the stock. We use Genuine BARE and O’Three neoprene neck seals, wrist seals and boots. Also in stock are drysuit zips from BDM in medium and heavy duty and the new T-ZIP plastic drysuit zips are proving very popular too!.

Ready to Dive!

Ready to Dive!

We have a 7 day turnaround on all repairs. Call us now and we’ll get your suit ready for the diving season.


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Scubadive West offers a full drysuit service facility including pressure testing, cuff and neck seal replacement, zip and boot replacement.

IDEST Approved Dive Cylinder Testing

Scubadive West also offers IDEST Approved cylinder testing with a 7 day turnaround.

Cylinder Testing, Visual Inspection, O2 Cleaning. Prices

Hydro Test €40

Visual Inspection (VIP) €30

O2 Cleaning €23

Free pick up and drop off for minimum 10 cylinders.

Service Deposit

We take a service deposit of €18 per item. This amount is deducted from your amount payable once the work is complete.

Do not hesitate to contact us with any of your equipment queries.