Discover Scuba Diving

Discover Scuba Diving in Galway on the Wild Atlantic Way (Gift Vouchers Available!)

How can I Try Scuba Diving for the Very First Time?              


The time has come to discover a whole new world! Immerse yourself in the fascinating underwater realm and experience a world of underwater adventure. Come and join us at Scubadive West in Connemara and try a dive today with our Discover Scuba Diving programme. Welcome to the Blue Planet!

When Can I Do this Try a Dive?

From April - October Scubadive West's Discover Scuba Diving is available any day at 10am or 2pm with prior booking.

What will my Discover Scuba Dive Include?

At Scubadive West, we conduct all our scuba dive training in our sheltered cove. Our PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors)Discover Scuba Diving programme is a half-day (one dive) or full-day (two dives) offering people the opportunity to experience scuba diving before committing to a full certification course.

The programme begins with a brief classroom session where your instructor will explain basic diving principles and techniques. Step two is a skill practice session in shallow water. Your PADI Instructor will teach you basic diving skills including how to clear water from a mask, how to recover a regulator, how to ascend from a dive and how to communicate underwater using hand signals. Finally, you will move out into slightly deeper water with your PADI Instructor where you will experience a real open water dive.

What Age Do I need to Be?

Scubadive West welcomes anyone from the age of 11 years and above for scuba diving. There is no upper age limit. If you have a child younger than 11 years, we are happy to undertake our Discover Snorkelling programme with them.

How much does Discover Scuba Diving Cost?

A full day Discover Scuba Diving; includes two Instructor Led dives with full gear rental; costs €140. A half day Discover Scuba Diving; includes one Instructor Led Dive with full gear rental; costs €89.

Bonus Dive

Anyone who undertakes a Discover Scubadiving experience with Scubadive West receives a completion voucher, which entitles a €50 discount on the PADI Openwater Diver course.

How do I Book my Dive?

Simply contact us to book your place!

Please review the Discover Scubadiving Medical Statement before attending.

Please note that Scubadive West reserves the right to cancel or postpone a course based on weather and bookings.

Purchase a Gift of this Diving Activity for Any Occasion

Scubadive West's Discover Scuba Diving can be purchased as a voucher to be presented as a gift! Call us on 095 43922 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Contact us for more details!


Discover scubadiving Video

Discover Scubadiving in Galway on The Wild Atlantic Way!


Wild Atlantic Way

Discover Scubadive West, we are on the Wild Atlantic Way!



Discover Snorkelling

Discover Snorkelling in Galway on the Wild Atlantic Way

Snorkelling is simple, fun, inexpensive, has no age barriers and can be experienced nearly anywhere. Snorkelling allows you experience the beauty of the Atlantic ocean and is a really fun holiday activity. Scubadive West conducts Discover Snorkelling all year-round; it is particularly popular in the warmer summer months. 

                                                    Discover Snorkelingsmall

What will my Discover Snorkelling include?

Scubadive West's experienced instructors will fit you out in the appropriate snorkeling gear, including a very warm wetsuit. You will start out in the shallow and sheltered waters of our training cove, where we will show you some important skills; how to clear the water out of your mask, how to blow the water from your snorkel and techniques for swimming comfortably through the water. Once you have mastered these, we will bring you on a tour of our beautiful house reef, which teems with fish life.

How long will my Discover Snorkelling last?

This programme will be conducted over approximately 2 hours; including checking in. Start times are either 10am or 2pm, with prior booking.

How much does it cost?

Discover Snorkelling, costs €30; this includes full tuition, equipment rental and full use of our facilities, including hot showers, male and female changing areas, dive shop and coffee dock.

Scubadive West Discover Snorkelling activity can be purchased as a Gift Voucher!

How do I book?

Simply call us on 095 43922 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Kid's Summer Snorkelling Camps


Our Summer Snorkelling Camps were a huge success last year and we look forward to similar in 2015.

These camps are ideal for the younger children with an interest in everything aquatic. They typically from 12pm - 2pm, during the months of July and August. The cost will is €30 per child and includes full tuition, gear rental and full use of our facilities.

2015 Dates

July 6th 12pm - 2pm

July 20th 12pm - 2pm

August 17th 12pm - 2pm

August 28th 12pm - 3pm

Children must be minimum of 7 years and able to swim to participate.

Contact us for more details.


 Discover Snorkelling in Galway on The Wild Atlantic Way!


Odkryj Nurkowanie z Fajką (Snorkeling) na Connemarze

Nurkowanie z fajką jest proste, niedrogie, sprawia wiele frajdy, nie ma ograniczeń wiekowych i można się w nie bawić dosłownie wszędzie. Snorkelling odkryje przed Tobą podwodne piękno oceanu Atlantyckiego i jest świetnym sposobem na spędzenie wolnego czasu. W Scubadive West program Odkryj Snorkelling prowadzony jest przez cały rok i cieszy się największą popularnością w trakcie ciepłych, letnich miesięcy.

Co zawiera mój Odkryj Snorkeling program?

Doswiadczeni instruktorzy Scubadive West wyposażą Cię w odpowiedni sprzęt do snorkellingu, włącznie z super ciepłym skafandrem. Swoją przygodę zaczniesz w płytszych i spokojniejszych wodach naszej szkolnej zatoczki, gdzie pokażemy Tobie kilka ważnych umiejętności; jak usunąć wode z maski, jak wydmuchać wodę z rurki i techniki pływackie. Jak już dobrze opanujesz podstawowe techniki zabierzemy Cię na wodną wycieczkę po naszej jedynej w soim rodzaju, pełnej morskiego życia, szkolnej rafie.

Jak długo trwa program Odkryj Snorkelling?

Odkryj Snorkelling trwa około 2.5 godziny; wliczając checkin. Kursy rozpoczynają się o 10:00 lub 14:00, zgodnie z wczesniejszymi ustaleniami podczas rezerwacji.

Ile kosztuje Odkryj Snorkelling?

Odkryj Snorkelling, kosztuje €30; wliczając lekcje, wypożyczenie kompletu sprzętu i możliwość korzystania z wszelakich dóbr naszej szkoły.

Jak mogę zarezerwować?

Po prostu zadzwoń do nas 095 43922 lub napisz do nas mail. Odkryj Snorkelling to równiez swietny prezent dla aktywnych maluchów.

Dziecięcy Letni Obóz Snorkellingu

Poprzednie Obozy Snorkellingu cieszyły się dużą popularnościa i mamy nadzieję że będzie tak samo i w 2015 roku.

Obozy Snorkellingowe sa idealne dla młodszych dzieci zainteresowanych wszystkim co wiąże się z wodą. Przeważnie prowadzone są od 12:00 do 12:00 w Lipcu i Sierpniu. Koszt to €30 za dziecko wliczając lekcje, wypożyczenie kompletu sprzętu i możliwość korzystania z wszelakich dóbr naszej szkoły.

Rok 2015 - daty

6 Czerwca (July 6th) 12:00 - 14:00

20 Lipca (July 20th) 12:00 – 14:00

17 Sierpień (August 17th) 12:00 – 14:00

28 Sierpień (August 28th) 12:00 – 14:00

Dzieci uczęszczające na Odkryj Snorkelling muszą mieć powyżej lat 7 i muszą umieć pływać.

Jeżeli masz jakieś pytania – nie czekaj – skontaktuj się z nami już dzisiaj.


Discover Snorkelling on The Wild Atlantic Way!

Wild Atlantic Way

Discover Scubadive West, we are on the Wild Atlantic Way!



Latest News

We have scheduled boat dives departing to world class dive sites and shore diving onsite in our private sheltered cove. Our purpose built dive centre has hot showers, male and female changing rooms, coffee dock & viewing area with free Wi-Fi, Air and Nitrox to 300 bar, our extensive rental room includes top of the range neoprene drysuits and thermals, semi-drys, weight integrated BCD's and regulators fitted with dive computers. We are agents for Scubapro, SUUNTO, O'Three, Fourth Element, Analox, Oceanic and many more. We are also an IDEST approved Dive Cylinder Testing House. 

                                                          Wild Atlantic Way     



Discover Scubadive West, we are on the Wild Atlantic Way!