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Discover Snorkeling tour


Discover Snorkeling in Galway on the Wild Atlantic Way

Snorkeling is simple, fun, inexpensive, has no age barriers and can be experienced nearly anywhere. Snorkeling allows you experience the beauty of the Atlantic ocean and is a really fun holiday activity. Scubadive West conducts Discover Snorkeling tours all year-round; although Snorkeling is particularly popular in the warmer summer months!

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What will my Discover Snorkeling tour include?

Scubadive West’s experienced instructor tour guides will fit you out in the appropriate snorkeling gear, including a very warm wetsuit. You will start out in the shallow and sheltered waters of our training cove, where we will show you some important skills; how to clear the water out of your mask, how to blow the water from your snorkel and techniques for swimming comfortably through the water. Once you have mastered these, we will bring you on a tour of our beautiful house reef, which teems with fish life.

How long will my Discover Snorkeling tour last?

This programme will be conducted over approximately 2 hours; including checking in. Start times are either 10am or 2pm, with prior booking. this includes tour, equipment rental and full use of our facilities, including hot showers, male and female heated changing rooms, dive shop and coffee dock.

How do I book?

Simply call us on 095 43922

or email

Please note that Scubadive West reserves the right to cancel or postpone a course based on weather conditions and bookings.


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