Dual-compound design results in a stiffer blade that increases propulsion and optimizes maneuverability.
Patented split fin propeller technology produces more propulsion with considerably less effort than traditional blades.
Blades are angled to provide symmetrical power, creating a smooth and stable kicking motion that gets you moving without wearing you out.
Drag-reducing vents where foot pocket and blade meet radically decrease drag on both up and down strokes.
Semi-rigid side rails improve stability through the kicking cycle.
Ultra-soft foot pocket provides lots of comfort.
The foot pocket’s extended sole plate allows you to maximize the amount of energy you expend on each kick without wasting energy.
Steel spring straps never need adjusting, making it even easier to don and doff the fin.
Colour choices: Blue & Black or Yellow & Black.
Available sizes: S , M , L , XL.