Shore dive with us in our beautiful private sheltered cove.

Scubadive West is our purpose built waterfront dive centre, idyllically located on our great shore dive, with coarse sandy seabed, kelpy, rocky reef with abundant marine life and two wrecks lying out in 13 metres on a silty seabed.

Ample onsite parking, hot showers, male and female heated changing rooms, coffee dock, viewing area, dive shop, air and Nitrox to 300 bar. Equipment servicing.

The West of Ireland is known for great diving, with clear, nutrient rich waters, fed by the North Atlantic Drift.

We see scallops, lobsters, edible crabs, velvet crabs, prawns, shrimp, spider crabs, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, spiny starfish, common starfish, brittle stars, little cuttle, pipefish, 15 spined sticklebacks, sea hares, plumose anemones, snakelocks anemones

Max depth 17 metres.

Are you a certified Scuba diver with cold water diving experience?

With all of your own equipment

Half day shore diving €15

Full day shore diving €25

Air fill €9

Need to hire SCUBA equipment?

No problem!

Half day shore diving with equipment hire €5

Full day shore diving with equipment hire €80

We have a well stocked rental room with top of the range diving equipment.

Choose our toasty warm wetsuits .. 7mm. two piece semi-drys! Or our neoprene dry suits and thermals *if you are suitably qualified* . We use weight integrated BCDs and our diving regulators have dive computers on the consoles. We have a great choice of fins, from heavy rubber, to split fin and light weight models.

We are open 6 days a week, closed on Wednesdays.

Call us to book in.

Boat dives at 10am and 2pm on Saturdays and Sundays by prior booking.

Boat diving information here

and you can book your boat dives here

Certified diver, but don't have much experience?

A guided orientation dive from the shore with one of our PADI Instructors would be ideal for you.

Not a certified diver?

Try Scuba Diving for the first time.


Get Certified as a PADI Open Water Diver