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Hydrotech 12 Litre Airgun Charging Cylinder


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300 Bar with valve, integrated dry gauge, bleed system, fitted rubber boot and hose -all fitted with a with a 1/8″ BSP connector. Unique removable flow restrictor. Constructed from lightweight steel with a chrome-plated brass valve, these bottles only need to be tested every 5 years. Will provide approx 60 fills to a standard 80 shot per fill gun operating down to 100 bar.

This new unique removable flow restrictor is clever piece of innovation. Fitted within the hose connector it protects your gun from damage resulting from accidentally filling too quickly. Most charging systems have this in some form, usually within the cylinder itself. However this external system has many advantages. If you are confident you can remove it yourself allowing you to fill your gun quicker, the bottle itself takes less time to fill and the restrictor itself will never stick open or closed which can result in the cylinder needing specialist attention

Weight 19Kg
40cm Standard micro bore high pressure hose.

**Quick Action Air Dump. No more sore fingers or frustration from not being able to get your screw bleed valve to seal.
the 5-year test schedule means that this cylinder will earn its money in saved refill trips alone!
All our bottles come with a rubber boot / base and the DIN fitting with full 1/8″ BSP hose assembly, You just need to connect your fill probe or adaptor and you’re all set to fill your PCP.
Add courier delivery (to anywhere in Ireland) €20.

Out of stock

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Airgun Charging Cylinder 12L

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